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Real Estate Law: A Guide

Buying a house or apartment can be stressful enough without having to worry about every aspect of real estate law. That's why it is always a good idea to hire a real estate attorney. This site will provide you with an overview of the basics of real estate law. The articles published here will also provide you with some top tips which will help you to find the perfect real estate lawyer. We aren't legal professionals but we have spent a very long time researching the things we write about so you can be sure you are receiving the best possible info.


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Reasons why you need a family lawyer

Family law cases are always hard as there is so much to deal with — whether it's divorce, guardianship or child custody. Each party is looking to get the best deal, and while you could represent yourself, the better option is always to seek the services of a family law attorney.

Here is why family lawyers are better:

i.    Better understanding of the law

Although you might know a few things about the law, you might not be as credible as practising and licensed family lawyers. These are lawyers who have spent years in school and practice learning about the intricacies of family matters, local laws, as well as divorce.

They are knowledgeable compared to anyone who hasn't studied law. They know how to convince a judge, and they know the best strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

Family lawyers also have connections in the legal world. They know lawyers, judges, paralegals, etc. They understand how each judge rules and have a good idea of their chances heading into the courtroom.

The attorney also has experience dealing with red tape and the substantial paperwork that's associated with family law cases. You can continue with your life as the family lawyer handles the paperwork.

ii.    Objectivity

Unlike you, the family lawyer has only one goal: to achieve the outcome you agreed on. The lawyer will remain professional, especially when dealing with divorce. You see, divorce proceedings tend to get heated, and having an objective party could help calm the situation.

iii.    Peace of mind

Divorce proceedings and child custody hearings are always draining, especially to one's mental health. There are so many emotions at play, and each party is trying to get the best deal. Handling all this is hard, but having a family lawyer helps relieve some of that emotional baggage.  

iv.    Bully prevention

During divorce proceedings, one party always tries to take advantage of the other by bullying them into submission. This tactic typically works if one party doesn't have a lawyer. The intimidation tactic becomes insignificant when you have your family lawyer. With a competent lawyer representing you, your partner can't intimidate you, silence you or force you into a deal that only favours them.

The intimidation tactic is also common in domestic abuse where one party bullies the other to keep quiet. However, you can counter their tactics by using your family lawyer as your filter. Instead of contacting you directly, all communication has to be via your lawyer.